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Welcome to Scapegoated
Isn't it great to know you have someone to lean on when your schedule gets hard to manage? More than 18,000 others did this year when they depended on Scapegoated to type, edit, and create copy for work required under pressure. They've also used our job concierge to assist with their job search.

To make things easy for you, we've created a nifty, but simple order form to give you that extra boost to keep your schedule in check. Summer relaxation is over, but that doesn't mean you can't still have a little fun. 

Authors depend on editors to proof their work. Teachers depend on their coworkers for support when they need help with reports. And, CEOs depend on their secretaries to write letters for them. Be the CEO and depend on scapegoated when you need a helping hand. 

The Goat wishes you much success and looks forward to helping you hand in stellar work. If you have an elderly loved one who needs assistance writing letters to follow-up on bills, we do that too. 
For more information about pricing, just send us an email or a tweet:
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  • Job Concierge - $20 for 1 half hour, $40 for 1 full hour; discounted pricing offered on Groupon.

  • Typing - $10 for two pages; $1 for each additional page

  • Editing (Grammar and Punctuation) - $5 for two pages; $1 for each additional page

  • Infusing Sources - $5 for two pages; $1 for each additional page

  • Special Formatting - $1 for 10 pages

  • Turnaround Time - 24 hrs free; additional charges for rush delivery
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